If you think you are not smart enough; try anyway!


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Anything is possible when it comes to bursaries.

By Tiffany, Connections App Promotion and Content Coordinator

Hi! I’m Tiffany and wanted to share some of my story with you.

When I attended college, my teachers would encourage me to apply for scholarships and bursaries. “Nobody is applying for them”, “the money just sits there unused”, they would say.

But, I would think to myself, “I’m not smart enough for a scholarship or bursary” or “I don’t deserve it; my grades aren’t good enough.”

Green with Envy?

Even my smart classmate would say to the teacher that she needed better grades to apply for bursaries and scholarships. That made me feel like I wasn’t smart enough. When my classmate would come to class happy when their scholarship/bursary cheques came in, I felt very envious.

One new school year, after years of hearing about applying, I finally just applied.

At first, I thought I would have to write multiple essays for multiple scholarships, but that wasn’t the case. I just needed one essay and I used that essay to apply for all the scholarships I was eligible for.

Applying from the Heart

I sat down and wrote the essay for my application from the heart.

Fast forward to the end of that semester. I checked my email, and I was chosen to receive 2 bursaries! This came in handy right before Christmas. My confidence went through the roof. I was so happy! In the second semester that year, I decided to try again even though my grades were not the greatest. At the end of that semester, I was awarded 2 more bursaries!

The moral of the story is, that even if you think you’re not smart enough, try anyway!

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