Using Google Calendar as a Student

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Get organized to tackle that “overwhelmed” feeling!

It’s ok, it’s in my head

“I’ll just remember” ain’t gonna cut it anymore! Going to high school, college or university is tough enough as it is without having to remember everything you need to do – in your head!

If you already have a gmail address, then Google Calendar is free, and a good way to keep track of what’s going on in your busy life! If you don’t have gmail, there numerous other free calendar apps you can use on your phone.

Make your own “personal” calendar

Figure out the types of events in your life and start entering them. Choose a colour when you create the event. It’s fun and the different colours help to remind you. For example, your school project due dates look great in red! Payday, of course, make it green. How about a purple workout? Maybe choose that gross yellow for that appointment you are dreading. It doesn’t matter, just make it you! Here are some common types of events you can enter into your calendar:

  • Classes
  • Study times and reading goals
  • Appointments
  • Tests
  • Dues dates
  • Sports
  • Exercise
  • Work
  • Fun Stuff

Get into the habit of checking it in the morning each day. Soon, you will see all you have to do in one place and feel good about it. And that overwhelming feeling? It might start to disappear, and you just may feel a little more…relaxed.

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